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Clos Vieux Taillefer

At the beginning it was a parcel of vines bought by the Robin family in 1875.

In August 2008, Nicolas and Alexandra Robin purchased it from their grandfather, Francis Robin.

This was the beginning of a lovely adventure. Immediately tended to by its new owners, the cru was enlarged in 2009, then a winemaking cellar was constructed in 2010 and a barrel cellar in 2013.

Small vinification vats were installed that enabled parcel selections and hence refining the blending precision. Each lot coming from a specifically defined parcel (or fragment of a parcel) will be separately worked.

Respect of the terroir and of the grape are the keywords of this undertaking that is veritably made-to-measure. The ideal balance between finesse and power of the “grand vins” of Pomerol. The entirety has been expertly managed since 2009 by the Oenologist Stéphane Derenoncourt.

Since October 2011, the property has been engaged in the Environmental Management System through the Inter-Professional Wine Council of Bordeaux (CIVB)