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Château Rol Valentin

Château Rol Valentin is geographically composed of two vineyard areas, one in Saint-Emilion and the other in Saint-Etienne de Lisse. These sites are located 7 kilometers apart.

The domain produces wines of such quality that is fully recognized by the wine professionals. This renown places the wines not only amongst the best wines of Saint-Emilion but also at levels comparable to the most notable of all Bordeaux crus. (European Grand Jury Tasting)

Impressive from its concentration and its distinction, lauded by the wine critics, Chateau Rol Valentin that has conferred its winegrowing to the Oenologist Stéphane Derenoncourt since 1998 unrelentingly pursues its ascension towards increased finesse and aromatic purity, to the utmost delight of wine lovers…

Since October 2011, the property has been engaged in the Environmental Management System through the Inter-Professional Wine Council of Bordeaux (CIVB).